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I am writing a testimonial in regards to Paul and Precision Watch/Jewelers. I have been an avid watch collector for many years. One of the needs of a watch collector is finding a watchmaker who understands all aspects of fine watches and its repairs. Paul is by far the best watchmaker I have ever worked with (and I have worked with many). He is thorough and precise and gets the job done in a timely manner. He diagnoses the root of the problem and makes sure the job is done right! I recommend him highly, for South County is lucky to have such a highly skilled and trained watchmaker in their midst! The art of fine watchmaking is a dying art, and Paul carries it to perfection!! Sincerely,

David Lacey

PWFJ has the best jewelry choices in the Narragansett area. The silver is of the highest quality. My beautiful amber ring is the gem in my collection. I get so many compliments on it! I just love it. I would recommend this store to any woman that can appreciate fine craftsmanship. Also - I enjoyed the friendly service very much.

Margaret C.

As a collector with over 36 watches I have a need for the services on a good watchmaker and fortunately I was able to discover Precision Watch & Fine Jewelry! I will not take my watches to anyone else. I was able to watch one of my ETA 7750 movements be overhalled and I was extremely impressed, right down to removing the jewels from their cups cleaning a re-lubricating with precision! I highly recommend them for any watch not matter how complicated the movement.

Ron Bartone

I came to this store with a lot of repairs and they came out looking brilliant. I don't trust many jewelry stores now a days, but i can trust this one. I trusted them with my exspensive jewelry and it came out looking amazingly brand new. Besides that, this store has a lot of beautiful upscale European jewelry that is hard to find in Rhode Island, also, I recieve many compliments on my pieces from here. I highly recommend this store, the owners Anna & Paul are so friendly.

Maureen R.

During the past three years, that we have been doing business together I have been meaning to compliment you on your extensive knowledge and professionalism whether it involves just plain cleaning and overhauling of a watches or the extensive restoration of a valuable vintage repeater. Our business is a family business, as yours is, which has thrived over four generations. Our survival over the past 108 years is partly due to providing our customers impeccable service along with quality. When our on staff watchmaker, Tony Sojka, retired I was faced with the task of locating a replacement that possesses the 40yrs of experience and knowledge that Tony had. I sent many test watches to a long list of watchmakers; most were good, and a few were terrible. When your letter came across my desk, introducing yourself as a watchmaker I said; “Why not I have nothing to loose” and Wow I had gained a lot. What makes Paul a valuable part of Scherer’s Jewelers? His commitment and constant perfection to do his very best; He maintains an open line of communication; He is receptive to new ideas, and has a great sense of humor. I am extremely pleases with Paul’s work, I couldn’t be happier. I say; “Choose Precision Watch & Fine Jewelry you won’t regret it”

Jerome (Jay) Scherer, Jr. Scherer’s Jeweler Inc.

2/7/2012 Paul Wisniewski of Precision Watch and Fine Jewelry has been my watchmaker of 17 years. Paul has offered me a full range of repair services ranging from simple tasks such as crystal replacement to the repair of high-end complicated mechanical movements. Paul also takes the time to explain to me the process that he needs to take when performing a complicated repair. Paul is one of very few watchmakers who understand the physics and mathematics of specialized movements. On one occasion he spent half an hour explaining the concepts of the tourbillion co-axial movement to me. Paul's workshop is fully equipped, but the best part of working with Paul is the individual attention that I get from a small shop. When you have questions he provides answers.

Pierre A. Plante "Plante Jewelers"

2/29/2012 “Precision Watch Fine Jewelry is the company we have been looking for! We are so pleased with not only their customer service and quality of work, but also their fast turnaround time! As a company that has been in business for 34 years, we have experienced many watch repair companies. Precision Watch has far exceeded our expectations and we look forward to a long, profitable partnership.”

Chris Harville,
President East Tennessee Diamond Co.

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